Committees 2017

Updated 2017-08-25.  Subject to change without notice.

Committee chair in bold.

Chair Wahl
Associate Chair Bonesteel
Administrative Advisory  Askew, Hill, Hoeflich, Riley, Xiong, Wahl, Bonesteel, plus ex-
officio members: Eugenio, Blessing, Capstick, Credé, Crowdis
Colloquium Dobrosavljevic, Frawley, Myers, Piekarewicz, Tabor, Yohay


Baumbach, Capstick (co-chair), Credé (co-chair), Cao, Gao, Hill, Murphy, Piekarewicz, Reina, Riley, Van Winkle, Xiong, Fuzia
(PGSA rep., ex-officio)

Web And Newsletter

Collins, Hsiao, Koetz, Manousakis, Murphy, Roberts, Ryan, Yang

Publicity and Awards

Boebinger, Prosper, Rikvold, Riley

Technical Personnel And IT

Adams, Bonesteel, Caussyn, Eugenio, Frawley, Hoeflich, Hsiao, Koetz, Ng, Ryan, Van Winkle, Volya, Wiedenhoever, Crowdis (ex-officio)


Askew, Blessing, Beekman, Huffenberger, Rikvold, Roberts, Van Winkle

Written Proficiency Exam

Almaraz, Berg, Chiorescu, Collins, Duke, Lind, Okui, Kolberg, Vafek, Volya, Zhou

New Building

Hoeflich, Koetz, Wahl, Wiedenhoever, Xiong


Boebinger, Dobrosavljevic, Hoeflich, Prosper, Reina, Vafek, Volya, Wiedenhoever, Xiong, Zhou


Ad Hoc Committees


Faculty Senators

Adams, Askew, Huffenberger, Vafek; alternates: Berg, Murphy

Statewide Course Numbering


Saturday Morning Physics

Askew, Beekman, Collins, Gao, Huffenberger, Lind

Teacher Education in Physics

Cottle, Ng, Prosper

Physics Open House (Fall 2017) 


Introd Lab reform

Ng, Wiedenhoever, Hori

Dirac Lectures

Reina, Huffenberger, Okui, Piekarewicz
Public School Outreach Cottle




PAI Award Committee

Plendl, Berg, Rikvold

Student Awards Mega Committee (see below for individual award contacts)

Adams, Berg, Blessing, Beekman, Bonesteel, Capstick, Dobrosavljevic, Hoeflich , Huffenberger, Owens, Piekarewicz, Roberts, Tabor, Van Winkle, Wiedenhover, Yohay, Xiong

Individual award committees:
Atom Award: Bonesteel, Crowdis, Wahl
Dirac-Hellmann Award - Berg, Bonesteel, Roberts
Dirac Fellowship–Dobrosavljevic, Roberts, Wiedenhoever
Fox Fellowship – Tabor, Piekarewicz, Xiong
Guenter Schwarz Award – Van Winkle, Xiong
Hagopian Award – Adams, Hagopian S, Hagopian V.
Lanutti Award - Askew, Dobrosavljevic, Roberts, Wiedenhoever
Lynn Shannon Proctor Award – Blessing, Roberts
Novotny Graduate Award – Capstick, Riley, Wahl
Yung Li Wang Graduate Fellowship + J. W. Nelson Endowment – Tabor, Piekarewicz, Xiong
Anna Jane Hendren Runyan Graduate and Undergraduate Awards – Riley
Charles and Anna Uhrhan Scholarship -- Blessing, Capstick
Baugh Scholarship -- Piekarewicz, Beekman, Yohay
Clara Kibler Davis Scholarship – Blessing, Crede

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