2020 Dirac Lectures on Gravitational Waves


The 2020 Dirac Lectures series was dedicated to the subject of Gravitational Waves, from their momentous discovery in 2015 to their widespread impact across multiple disciplines, including astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear and particle physics. The lectures were held in a virtual format as a Zoom video conference, during the week of October 19-23, 2020. You can find a printable version of the poster here.


You can find below more information on this lecture series, including slides and recordings of the lectures. Visit the Dirac Lectures site for information on other lecture series.


Guest Lecturers

Daniel Holz Chung-Pei Ma Hitoshi Murayama
KICP, University of Chicago University of California, Berkeley Kavli IPMU and University of California, Berkeley











Special Public Lecture


Prof. Rainer Weiss
Massachusetts Institute of Technology











Slides and Recordings

Dates Speaker Topic Links to stored material
10/19/2020 Rainer Weiss The Beginning of Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Current state and some about the future


Public lecture recording

10/19/2020 and 10/21/2020 Daniel Holz Gravitational wave sources, detection, and interpretation

Slides lecture 1

Slides lecture 2

Recording lecture 1

Recording lecture 2

10/20/2020 and 10/22/2020 Chung-Pei Ma Implications of gravitational waves detection for supermassive black hole astrophysics and cosmology

Slides lecture 1

Slides lecture 2

Recordings (FSU password protected)

10/22/2020 and 10/23/2020 Hitoshi Murayama From inflationary universe to primordial gravitational waves

Slides lectures 1 and 2

Recording lecture 1

Recording lecture 2



Organizing Committee

Nick Bonesteel, Fernando Febres Cordero, Kevin Huffenberger, Takemichi Okui, Jorge Piekarewicz, Laura Reina and Kohsaku Tobioka


Supported by


FSU Department of Physics

FSU College of Arts and Sciences

FSU Office of Research