Undergraduate Researchers


In addition to attending classes, a large number of the Physics Majors at FSU participate in research. Most find research advisors within the Physics Department, while a significant number have their research directed by one of the Scholar Scientists at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Maglab). Others have found advisors in Departments in the College of Engineering, the College of Medicine, in the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute, in the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The vast majority of these research projects are initiated by the students themselves, who are strongly encouraged to go introduce themselves to scientists and engineers whose research may interest them.

Many of the research projects become Honors Theses or Senior Theses. The results of many of the projects are disseminated at the Physics Department's annual Poster Session.

A few of the Majors who have carried out research in the Department are featured on this page.