The Lannutti Award


The Lannutti Award

The Lannutti Award recognizes excellence in undergraduate research. It was first awarded in 2009. This award is coupled to the annual Physics Department Undergraduate Poster Session that takes place each spring during Honors Week.





2023:  Wonmin Song, Bajron Zenelaj, Ethan Todd


2022:  Diya Choudhary, Ty Wilson, Rebecca Van Gelder


2021: Justin Marquez, Jane Case, Meg van Deventer


2020: Gillian Boyce, Fabio Rivero, Maarten de Haan


2019: Zachary Goraum


2018: Robert Goff


2017: (no poster session) Amelia Estry, Linsey Rodenbach, Kyle Romines;


2016: Andrew Hurley (with Volker Crede) Cross Section of Phi Photoproduction in the Reaction Gamma p --> phi p;

Austin Skeeters (with Todd Adams), A Search for Multiply Charged Heavy Stable Charged Particles at Square Root of s = 13 TeV;

Hannah Holt (with Ingo Wiedenhover), Analysis of 56Fe by Gamma Gamma Coincidences following the Beta decay of 56Co;

Megan Wheeler (with Andrew Askew), Filters on Missing Transverse Energy in CMS Events.


2015: Stephen Crothers (with Steve Hill, B. Trociewitz (NHFML) and S. Stoian (NHFML)), A Simple and Cost-Effective Automated Liquid-Nitrogen Filling System;

Madeline Austin (with Ingo Wiedenhover), Energy-Time Calibration of FSU's Linac;

Ezra Brooker (with David Collins), Magnetic Field Angles in Star-Forming Molecular Clouds.


2014: Enmanuel Sanchez (with Keivan Stassun, Vanderbilt University),    Circumstellar Environment Evolved Carbon Star U Hydrae;

Dennice Roberts (with James Brooks), Characterization of Photomechanical Properties in Polymerized Azobenzene;

Spencer Jones (with Todd Adams), Study of the e/π ratio for the Shashlik Detector via simulated proton collision events.


2013: Kelly Ann Pawlak (with Ziad Musslimani, Department of Mathematics),    Random Stability of Bose-Einstein Condensation;

Ashley Huff (with Susan Blessing), W Boson Production Charge Asymmetry in the Electron Channel;

Kyle Serniak (with Irinel Chiorescu), On-Chip Cavities for Magnetic Resonance Studies.


2012: Daniel Moerland (with Ingo Widenhöver), Four-Harmonic Buncher for FSU Linac;

Andrew Wray (with Robert Walsh, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory); Digital Image Correlation for Measurement of In-Plane Deformation with Vic-2D in Air and Water;

Ashley Huff (with Susan Blessing), W Boson Charge Asymmetry in Proton-Antiproton Collisions.


2011: Kristen Collar (with Stan Tozer, NHMFL), Synthesis and Characterization of Sn doped CeIn3;

Morgan Askins (with Nikolai Tolich, University of Michigan), Monte Carlo Simulations for Future Geoneutrino Detectors;

Julia Bourg (with Efrosini Artikis and Bradley Groveman, College of Medicine), Structural Elements and their Role in the Cellular Prion Protein N-Terminal Domain.


2010: Julia Bourg (with Bradley Groveman, Patrice Williams and Ewa Bienkiewicz, College of Medicine), Biophysical Investigation of Neurodegenerative Disease;

Rutger Dungan (with Harrison Prosper), Varying-G Cosmology with Type Ia Supernovae;

Alison Pawlicki (with Maitri Warusawithana), Transport Properties of MBE Grown LaAlO3/SrTiO3Interfaces and the Effect of Stoichiometry.


2009: Kristen Collar (with Stan Tozer, NHMFL), Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of the Actinide Impurity (Uranium) Doped CaB6 and YCo2;

Alison Pawlicki (with Chris Wiebe), Quantum Magnetism in the New Pyrochlore Compound Pr2Zr2O7;

David Page (with Susanne Cappendijk, College of Medicine), Observation of Neurological Effects of Manganese in the Adult Male Zebra Finch.