The Günter Schwarz Memorial Scholar Award


Günter Schwarz Memorial Scholar Award


The Günter Schwarz award is for students who have outstanding records in physics and who have also participated significantly in music or related arts. 

In Germany, Schwarz was studying to be a musician until the German government identified all students who had an aptitude for science and forced them to change to science majors. He started studying physics at the University of Göttingen. Eventually he came to the US to study for a PhD in Physics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. After getting his PhD, he joined the FSU faculty in 1949. He and Dr. George Ragossa, who also had gotten a PhD in physics at Johns Hopkins in the same research area as Schwarz, came together and they set up a laboratory in curved crystal X-ray spectroscopy with the help of their Johns Hopkins major professor, Joyce Bearden. It was the first real research laboratory in the FSU Physics Department. 

Schwarz was a very, very talented musician, and a particularly fine pianist. He played like a professional. He encouraged all of the FSU undergraduate physics majors to take as many courses as possible in music and related arts areas. That is why the Schwarz awards are given to students who have outstanding records in physics, have completed at least 90 credit hours towards the major, and have participated significantly in the music and/or related arts.



2023:  Jack Lyons

2022:  Christina Schiffert, James Sullivan, Shelby Arrigo

2021:  Matthew de Jong

2020:  Meg van Deventer, Gillian Boyce

2019:  Adam Kobert

2017:  Savannah Mitchem, Singing, Violin.

2016:  Kenneth Hanselman, Marching Band, Concert Band.

2015:  Charlotte Welch, Music Major.

2014:   Drew Blankstein, Glee Club, Music Theory, and Voice Training.

2013:   Taylor Hynds, Trumpet, Music Instruction.

2012:   Daniel Scott Davis, Men's Glee Club.

2011:   Brett Gardner, Guitar, Jazz and Chamber Ensemble.

2010:   Jared Doster, Organ. 

2009:   Steven Dolly, Marching Chiefs, Concert Band, and Men's Glee Club.

2008:   Keenan Pepper, Alexander Long, Shawn Havery.

2005:   Caroline Carpentieri, Marching Chiefs and Concert Band.

2004:   Jose Valery, Classical Guitar.

2003:   Juliette Victoria, Degree in Music.