Anna Runyan Award


The Anna Runyan Award


In 2012, the FSU Foundation received an unrestricted gift from the estate of Anna H. Runyan, who graduated from FSU in 1954 with a B.S. degree in Physics. She worked for the Navy as a physicist in Panama City, FL. She died in 2012 and willed money to FSU "to be used as seen fit by the FSU Foundation's officers". This gift was used to establish the Anna H. Runyan Scholarship in Physics, to be distributed every year.



2023: Michael Fredock, Lexington Mandachi, Moises Medina Restrepo, Justin Sculley

2022: Ethan Todd; Peter McGoron; Kevin Liguori

2021: Graham O' Donnell, Rebecca Van Gelder

2020: Maarten de Haan, Chika Onobogu, Justin Marquez, Janiris Rodriguez

2018: Kelly Anderson

2017: Corey Brummel-Smith; Kenneth Hanselman; Alex Saperstein; Anna Yannakopolous.

2016: Austin Skeeters; Amelia Estry; Dayshon Mathis; Hannah Holt; Linsey Rodenbach.